Optimisation Solutions

Optimisation Solutions

AUSCOIL focuses on real efficiencies for clients. We respond to challenges efficiently and apply innovation and continuous learning to your operations.

We offer the following servicing solutions to maximise outputs quickly and effectively:

Reducing the servicing time

At AUSCOIL our mission is to deliver rapid, uninterrupted well interventions. Every part of our operation is focused on this. Our equipment is designed so we can reduce service time by mobilising and demobilising quickly and increase safety by reducing manual handling and crew sizes.

Develop solutions and innovate rapidly

Our investment in highly experienced personnel means that when we are on the ground working, we can draw on our embedded experience to solve problems on the fly and immediately implement real innovation that enhances productivity straight away.

Ensuring wells continue to operate during an intervention

Coiled tubing’s ability to manage well pressure control during the intervention means we can preserve reservoir integrity.

AUSCOIL rig, purpose built to meet the Australian climate, industry and environmental challenges, provides productivity and innovation for your well.