Assisting Clients Making Better Wells

We have top quality equipment and highly competent personnel which enable us to provide SAFE, EFFICIENT, and RELIABLE services.  Moreover, all our equipment was built by world-class manufactures and they were custom designed to deliver high level of efficiencies and safe operations while complying with Australian regulations.

We provide live-well completion and work-over alternatives, a wide range of well intervention, production enhancement, and miscellaneous services for Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells.

Our services include (but not limited to):

  • A number of live-well completion systems which enable efficient live-well completion and work-over operations for different CSG well configurations
  • Coil tubing cup to cup nitrogen stimulation services
  • Coil tubing cup to cup proppant stimulation services
  • Coil tubing under-balance wellbore clean-out services (with air or nitrogen) with standard down-hole tools
  • Coil tubing under-balance wellbore and behind perforation clean-out services (with air or nitrogen) with proprietary and patented Typhoon tool
  • Coil tubing milling/drilling and under-reaming (including under-balance)
  • Coil tubing deployed wellbore reinforcement treatments (mitigate excessive fines and solid migration inside the pre-perforated casings from problematic sections (i.e: interburden)
  • Coiled tubing pumping and placement of spacers and cement slurry for squeeze and or plug and abandon applications
  • Miscellaneous pressure pumping services including fluids, air and nitrogen

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AUSCOIL completions, stimulation and workovers include:
AUSCOIL rig, purpose built to meet the Australian climate, industry and environmental challenges, provides productivity and innovation for your well.